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Learning, strengths, opportunities

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Learning is a subjective experience and as Danny Ivy talks at length in his book, learning should be a transformative experience.

And in order to be truly transformative, "it has to be customized around the unique strengths and opportunities available to the learner in question." I started thinking about what does this mean.

Most formal "learning" experiences are pretty much the same for everyone involved in them. There is some sort of knowledge transfer, there might be questions asked and there might be some practical sessions. But it is still quite a group experience, where everyone is exposed to pretty much the same information, in the same way, at the same time. There isn't room for customization.

Which brings us to the quote. A truly transformative learning experience has to be subjective to the person who is learning. It needs to take into account whatever context the student has and that includes their current skills and what they intent to achieve with the skills they want to acquire.

The million dollar question is: how to achieve that?