I have the impression that the general feeling towards the notion of newsletters is somewhere close to idea of spam. Lots of ads, poor content and usually showing up in your inbox without requesting it or without realising you have subscribed to it (check the tiny little checkboxes at the bottom of the forms!)

But there are exceptions, here are the newsletters that I am always happy to receive and actually look forward to. They deliver quality content, with reduced frequency (monthly or weekly), very little to no ads, on some of the topics am interested in: leadership, culture, products and books. And they are free (mostly).

The list of newsletter is not ordered in any way, they’re all great, subscribe to all or just to what tickles your interests.

Software Lead Weekly by Oren Ellenbogen (@orenellenbogen) - weekly, free

SWLW is a weekly newsletter with what I've seen in tech about people, culture and leadership. Curated with great care by @orenellenbogen

It’s a very good list of articles and there was no issue so far in which I didn’t find several interesting articles, worthy of sharing further on my social accounts. I also like that every link in the newsletter has an indication of how long would it take to read it and also link to add it to Pocket or Instapaper or to share it via Twitter or email.

You can subscribe to it here.

The Heartbeat by Claire Lew (@cjlew23) - monthly, free

The Heartbeat is a free bi-weekly newsletter on leadership, company culture, employee engagement and feedback by Claire Lew - CEO of Know Your Company.

Similar to SWLW, this newsletter is a curated list of interesting articles on several topics related to leadership. It is sent to subscribers once a month and each issue features an interview with “a founder, CEO, manager, or business owner I respect”.

You can subscribe to it here.

Weekly Hotlist by Harvard Business Review (@HarvardBiz) - weekly, free & paywall content

For Harvard Business Review fans, this is the weekly newsletter containing the most read articles on the magazine’s website in the past week. You can read unlimited articles on hbr.org if you are a subscriber, otherwise you are limited to 3 articles per day.

You can subscribe to it here.

The Journal by Kevin Rose (@KevinRose) - monthly, free

Kevin Rose’s newsletter, The Journal, contains a mix of inspiring videos, articles and quotes, cool music and products, many times related to the author’s personal life and experiences.

Kevin also does a podcast with the same name where he invites inspiring people that talk about their personal story.

You can subscribe to it here.

_Newsletter _by Mark Manson (@IAmMarkManson) - weekly?, free & paid-only

Found out about Mark and his newsletter not after reading his book with a very catchy title, but after a Facebook friend shared an article from his blog. His newsletter is very low-key and it usually contains 2 articles, both written by him: one that is free and another one written specially for the users who pay the monthly fee to get extra content (besides the paid-only articles, several ebooks, videos and tutorials). All content is created by Mark.

You can subscribe to it here.

Reading List by Ryan Holiday (@RyanHoliday) - monthly, free

Found out about Ryan’s newsletter after listening to the audiobook version of one of his books, Ego is the enemy. In the end, he talks about his reading passion, how this fuels his writing and how he gathers all the interesting the content he finds while reading.

His newsletter is a list of books that Ryan he read and recommends. Check out Ryan’s approach on collecting, storing and categorising information he finds useful while he reads.

You can subscribe to it here.

If you know about other awesome newsletters, please reach out (Twitter, email), I’m always on the lookout for great content! 😊