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Radical Candor or something with similar principles is essential for everyone to use in the work place to create connections with the others and learn and improve. It is also something that can require a lot of conscious effort to accomplish. But also to some it comes naturally in part. While reading the book, I remembered situations from my experience when I could've reacted in a better way. It also made me see opportunities in my every day work where I could do better. That's the first part. The second is to push yourself to act. Both are important.

Even if you are a "boss" or not, Radical Candor seems a good tool to use to build a safe work environment that enable people to be happy, creative, effective and proud of their work. On a personal level, it can accelerate your personal development in the direction you want and improve the connections with your colleagues. Sounds like the "silver bullet", right? Well, you know better than that. It is merely a collection of principles and advices. It still relies on you to make it happen in your life and context. Speaking of context, keep in mind that Radical Candor is "universally human, but interpersonally and culturally relative".

Notes & Highlights

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I found this book very useful and I wanted to have a more structured way to retain the principles in it, so I decided to create a mind map for its content, rather than just making highlights and write down notes while reading it. The result is a rather huge mind map, but I still see it useful for someone who read the book. While the mind map contains quite detailed notions and concepts, it is sometimes hard to get the point without reading the book and the stories through each of these are presented.

Don't forget to expand the nodes, there's much more than meets the eye initially.