To easily remember the main ideas of my previous post, Teams are made of people, I thought of a representative word and a short alternative description for each of them:

  1. Vision. The team has a vision of what it tries to accomplish. It should to be clear what is the team’s purpose accompanied by a “grand vision” that everyone understands and resonates with.
  2. Individuality. The team is aware of and respects the individual differences. Every individual in the team is unique, with different aspirations and personality. The team is a safe and welcoming environment. Every member is aware of the differences and embraces them.
  3. Unity. The team has a simple process in place based on context and taking in consideration the individual differences. Despite the fact there are individual differences and there are several people in the team, the team acts as a whole. Therefore a simple set of rules is in place so chaos doesn’t rule and the team can manage expectations towards their stakeholders in a reliable way.
  4. Improvement. The team members measure team performance and continuously reflect on ways to improve.
  5. Growth. The team has a good way to welcome new members while taking the opportunity to get a fresh perspective on its context.
  6. Stakeholders. The team knows its stakeholders very well and is always transparent towards them.