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The book is an elaboration of a simple trick: try to listen more and ask questions, rather than directly giving advice. I enjoyed the lecture of the book and the explanations of the 7 questions. Like all this kind of advice, I believe it is worth starting practicing the original questions to get an understanding of what are their effects and then start coming up with your own questions that have the same effects. Otherwise, people will start thinking you are following some kind of script or that you lack imagination :-)

Notes & Highlights

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  1. The Kickstart Question: “What’s on Your Mind?”
  2. The AWE Question: “And What Else?”
  3. The Focus Question: What’s the Real Challenge Here for You?
  4. The Foundation Question: “What Do You Want?”
  5. The Lazy Question: How Can I Help?
  6. The Strategic Question: If You’re Saying Yes to This, What Are You Saying No To?
  7. The Learning Question: “What Was Most Useful for You?”