As my memory doesn't seem to help me a lot with all this content around, I decided to start to create notes for podcasts as well. A little bit behind with my book notes and my podcast listening, but I'm starting to catch up.


Too many agile implementations are not greatly exciting and not yielding great results

Most important for cultivating an agile mindset

  * Start with basic awareness of what it is - what do we mean when we say agile
  * Why do we want these things - agile is not just for better/cheaper/faster, but to delight the customers

A lot of people think that agile is the new standardised process and it is not a process nor standardised

It is a people problem

Every bigger revelation is a series of small steps

You don't force agile on people. Lots of people say agile is right and correct, waterfall is the big bad wolf. Both are choices, one more suitable than the other. People are more receptive when approached with respect and trust.

People get stuck assuming that they won't be able to do stuff when adopting agile.