Inspired by Dan Abramov's tweet and with a desire to get better at ReactJS, this weekend I became a little bit more active on StackOverflow.

The best way to learn a technology is to open its tag on StackOverflow and start helping people. This never failed me. 🙏

— Dan Abramov (@dan_abramov) March 2, 2016

I answered several ReactJS questions as best as I could and I gotta tell you, it's crazy addictive. You are also learning a lot, especially if you actually try to come up with fully working solutions for people's problems. After playing a little bit with and, I opted for using codepen, as it works well and it's cheaper than jsbin.

Here are some of the pens I created:

  * someone asked how to prevent deep linking when going directly to the link:
  * an example on how to pass properties to the children component using context:
  * some fun with controlled inputs
  * someone wanted to have access to the redux store from a `onEnter` hook handler:
  * how to access location in route components:

These are simply exercises, nothing very complicated, just to illustrate a concept or another with a working example.

Best takeway until now: if you want your answer to be selected, make sure you write a clear, succint, to-the-point answer, that the asker can use right away.