Hello, 2016, this is the microservices calling

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Microservices is one of the biggest buzz words of the moment. Being a very beginner in this topic, I decided to focus mostly on it through the Jfokus conference this year.

Chris Richardson's tutorial, Introduction to microservices was comprehensive, taking us through the basic concepts, patterns and strategies behind them. Without going too much into details, there was lots of useful content and the presentation consists a good base to understand what are microservices about and give you several points to continue to find out more on your own. I suggest you follow Chris and especially go check out microservices.io for even more material on the topic.

If you're curious about some of the ideas he shared during the presentation, check out the mindmap I did during the talk. It's quite large, I suggest you expand branches while you go.

No we're not gaming, we are Mob programming!

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Although I said I want to focus on microservices, the Mob programming workshop was one of reasons I decided to go to the conference. I have been interested for a while in "alternative" development processes and I have been following Woody Zuill online for some time. Not just for #MobProgramming but also for #NoEstimates.

And the workshop was a really good experience. We did several exercises to feel some of the pains I'm sure everyone experienced in "agile" development. Notice the quotes. Yes, I am talking about estimates, requirements and all that mess. Mob programming brings the focus on the basic values of Agile, big highlight on people and interactions and working software. We briefly demonstrated how it works through some more exercises, but also through 2 short sessions of Mob programming while trying to solve the Roman Numerals Kata.

I recommend following Woody and his work and understanding the concepts behind it. There's plenty to learn!