... you get this strange feeling, you sort of feel disoriented.

Maybe in our case was because things happened quite fast. Today we are in the apartment we lived for 3.5 years, 2 days later is completely empty and the morning after we hand in the keys to the agency, get in our car and drive away.

I was never really attached to things or places, but you develop habits and routines like using the same place to put your keys when you get in or the path you always take when doing your morning jogging. You do all these things every day, until one day, they all stop. You wake yourself in a totally different place where you have to start from scratch.

I know it's all part of the experience of moving in a different place, but that doesn't stop me from being amazed of the effect an experience like this has on you and how much of the every day bullshit we ignore because of our habits.