I am always wondering how would it be if people wouldn't take holidays anymore.

Holidays always seem like the pleasant parts of life, where you get to travel, to spend more time with your family, to enjoy yourself more, to "recharge your batteries". Once you're back to work, you need to readjust to the chaos, the routine and all that "work" entails.

Why does it have to be like this? Why can't you work and do holiday activities on a continuous basis, therefore removing the need for holidays?

It sounds crazy, it's something our society prevents since you're only a child, but what if?

One of the things that the artificial intelligence future might bring is that we wouldn't have to work eight hours a day anymore. All the mundane tasks from our life could be done by robots, food production, cleaning, maintenance etc.

Maybe someday the technical discoveries will make things sustainable and all the basic services would be free. We would not need a job to survive, to get food, a place to live and so on.

Now don't me wrong, I am not suggesting that we shouldn't work or have a job, I'm merely discussing the reasons of having a job. There are plenty of people stuck on a shitty job, just because they need the income to care for their family or buy medicine or whatever. And there are plenty of people who go every day at work thinking of their holiday. That oasis of life where they get to do all the things that seem forbidden during work days.

More time to innovate, more time to improve, to research, to be with our loved ones. Think about the possibilities...