Feeling stuck is not pleasant.

It feels like there's no direction to go towards to and there's not much to do. You get more and more frustrated with your current situation and you cannot think of anything else. You become obsessed.

Ironic, isn't it? To get stuck in your own thoughts. Because in reality very few situations are without exit. And I'm not referring to those extreme cases here.

Every number of months or years you might get into a state where you know you have to change something. It might be related to your job, your schedule, your eating/sleeping patterns, whatever. It's something part of your life that is big enough to trouble you. And you know that you have to make a change, you just don't know what.

You start to generalise, assuming without putting too much thought. You dismiss your best options based on assumptions or excuses. Because they need a lot of energy and you don't have it now, because of your situation.

This is about the time you start to feel hopeless about it. You ease your grief by complaining to other understanding ears, who get your situation. But in the end, it doesn't help. You need to do something else!

And the only thing you can do is change. You can either accept the situation and change your beliefs, do any change just for diversity's sake or invest some more energy and make a plan to get yourself closer to what you want to achieve. There is no point in going in circles or waiting for a miracle.

You need to take action and there's no better moment than NOW.