I had a Pebble Steel watch for over a year now, but never took the time to put together an app or a watchface for it. Recently, I started testing RescueTime out of curiosity to see how much of my time is spent on "productive" things and how much on not so productive things.

Not much later I found myself refreshing the RescueTime dashboard every now and then to see how much I score on their stats. But that wasn't too convenient, not to mention productive! __

After a short period of time where I used a blink(1) connected to my RescueTime account as a basic representation of my perceived productivity, I said, "Hey, why don't I use Pebble for this?". So that's how I got to do the simple "Rescued by Pebble" watchface.

The watchface connects to the API provided by RescueTime and determines how productive you were in the last 5 minutes. The data returned contains how many seconds you have spent in different levels of productivity. From this data I calculate a weighted average which later on I display in the watchface as a progress bar and it influences which of the 4 faces you see on display.

So now I try to keep my Pebble smiling all the time!

P.S. I plan to release several updates to it, like vibration when the productivity is low and show offline time as well

P.P.S My code is on github, so if you're interested, go check it out!

P.P.P.S Pff, by the time I released this watchface, a new Pebble watch is out and soon another SDK. Shouldn't look bad in color either! __