Here I am, at the end of the YourTurnChallenge! Uuuhuu, what a ride! __

I was pleasantly surprised to see that since about the half of the challenge I stopped using the list of subjects I prepared beforehand because I had other ideas I wanted to write about and those felt better than the ones on the list. That makes me feel very good about myself because I proved that I don't need to worry much about what to write as long as I write. Sounds strange, doesn't it?

It was great to prove myself that I can ship a blog post every single day for a week, but I don't plan to write daily from now on. One reason for it is that I don't find writing as important as other things I want to work on (like that idea of mine). I got a lot of positive energy from this challenge and I decided to reopen Culinotopia yet once again.

I got some plans about writing and it feels good for me so I want to sharpen further this creative skill, by writing a post 3 times a week. I know that forming a habit needs structure and repetition, so I will choose 3 days of the week in which I will deliver a blog post. That doesn't mean I won't write daily, I plan to deliver some longer posts and try some different types of writing, but I won't ship every day.

It's been great to be part of this young community that formed with Winnie's initiative, hope we'll keep in touch and continue to share and write.

So long, and thanks for all the fish!  __