In a conversation with a friend (same friend, same conversation as a few days ago), he mentioned that everything that happens in the world is related basically to one question that each of us asks himself involuntarily: Who am I?

Some people identify with their job, with their hierarchy in the management ladder of a huge corporation. Some other identify with their religion or with their race or gender or ... you name it. That's how we are, we need to identify ourselves with a group and to be loved and respected.

And then the next question comes: Do we really have to be who or what we identify ourselves with? I mean, if I'm a woman, do I have to wear skirts? Or if I'm Palestinian and I meet a Israeli, do I have to hurt him or to hate him? Do I have to be an Orthodox because I was baptised as one a year after my birth?

The power of the group is very big and as we grow and we get more mature, we need the support of our implicit so called identities. But most of the times we don't have to stick by them, if we don't have the same internal values as the groups associated to us by our environment. We have the power of choice and we can choose to be more than our religion, colour, race, gender or job because we are so much more.

So the next time someone will ask you "Who are you?" what are you going to say?