Have you ever felt like you've been shoved into a corner and there's no way out? Well, there's always a way out, but maybe none that you would prefer taking? You could walk away at any time, but then you would loose all the work and effort you put into it. And then the rage fills you, because you feel helpless, handicapped. You don't like giving up, so you keep going, trying and trying and trying, maybe you will finally succeed.

But the funny thing is, the more and more you try, the deeper you get in the bucket of bitterness. You get more and more dissapointed and you lose hope, again and again. But you don't quit, what kind of fighter are you? What is everyone going to say? You pep-talk yourself up and get back at your fight.

Time passes and things improve, but you're too blind to see. And plus you know how they are, you cannot trust them. They have proven themselves so many times. You start to sound like a crazy man and in the end you loose the bit of credibility you had left. Your colleagues start to get worried, your performance drops, you cannot sleep and you're late at the morning meetings. You try to find flaws in what everyone is doing, to prove yourself once again that you are right and they are wrong. What do they know? You point it out with a disgusted smile on your face.

You finally get into a fight with one of them and the rage crawls out through your distorted face while dropping rough words on undeserving ears. You quit with your middle finger up while loosing your last bit of decency. YOU'VE HAD IT!!!