Like I probably said before, I read quite a lot of books, especially business and self-help books. I found out a few weeks ago about Daniel Goleman's new book, What makes a leader?. The book is basically a collection of posts he did on Harvard Business Review along the years, starting with the one that has the same title as the book and was initially published in 1998.

The trouble with all these books is that if you don't do something concrete with them right away, you'll probably forget most of their content. Because I don't have time to reread them all the time, I decided some time ago to do mind maps, so I can quickly remind myself what the book was about. That didn't work out all the time, but the first article from this book "screamed" for one, so there it is. You can glimpse it in the cover or download it from here.

If you're interested in the subjects of leadership or emotional intelligence (EQ), I urge you to read it!