Not so long ago, I released my first Dropzone 3 action and of course, I wrote about it on my blog!

After two weeks (back to the present) and some Ruby tutorials later, I improved the action and also added some more features to it.

Features, features, fea…

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One feature request I got on Twitter was to add support for custom domains (or CNAME records) for the remote containers:

[@alexchiri]( [@aptonic]( Just tried it out. I'm going to use this quite a bit. Now for a feature request - Specify a CNAME for the container.

— Alan Bush (@alanbush) August 13, 2014

That was quite easy to do! But then I thought that I needed something a bit more challenging, so I decided to attack the problem with showing progress for file uploads and also supporting large[1] files

And that needed a bit more research, because the model that fog provides does not allow you to do these things. So I asked for some help and the answer was to use a lower level API method:

[@alexchiri]( Yes. I think you have to use the put_object request instead of models, but you can pass a block which should give progress.

— Wesley Beary (@geemus) August 18, 2014

After a few iterations, I managed to get it working and got two new features for the action in one shot (almost)!


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In the meantime, encouraged by the success of the Rackspace Cloud Files action, I started working on two other actions: one for Slack, the team collaboration platform and one for Google Drive.

These two, while they are working, they’re still not there and this is the reason they are not available on Dropzone’s website yet, but you can manually install them from the dropzone3-actions-zipped repo on GitHub, which is constantly built whenever there are updates to the dropzone-actions repo.

Go check them out, I’d love to hear your feedback!

  1. Rackspace requires all files larger than 5GB to be split in segments. ↩