Some time ago I started using an improvised standing desk at home. I'm sure some of you at least heard about the article about the 22$ standing desk made using an IKEA coffee table.

I'm a classical couch potato most of the time and I'm not a big fan of many sports, definitely not a fan of gyms or running, especially in a gym. I'm also convinced that just by exchanging a sitting position with a standing position you accomplish almost nothing, exchanged an evil with maybe a smaller evil.

I'm not gonna tell you how much better is to work standing than sitting, for the simple reason that I actually don't know if it is or not. If you browse the web, you'll find shared opinions, but I don't think there's one to encourage you to sit more. I think that you need to exercise, never-mind how you spend your day.

Recently I started using a standing desk at work as well, which means I stand on my feet for quite some time daily. The first week was relatively painful, because your body is not used to the new posture, so I started to do some basic stretching exercises, every morning, some of the evenings and during the day.

Overall, I like to think it is a change for the better, for the daily exercise, if not for anything else. Remains to be seen, just wanted to let you know I joined the "standing programmers" circle and to say "Hi!".