I had the dark thought of watching the news while visiting my relatives and friends in Romania and it happened to be a Sunday (yesterday). Here are a few of the subjects presented:

  * Son cuts his father's penis because he found him with his daughter in law naked, in bed! They presented extensive interviews of the neighbours and friends of the family affected by this damn affair.
  * The President was craving for some beer so he crashed a festival close to Bucharest. He received the key of the city.
  * Old cinderella was seen going to the museum with her new young turkish boyfriend. They were approached by reporters after their visit, while taking a walk in the park! Yes, you read it well, A WALK IN THE PARK!!!
  * The Prime Minister has been working on Sunday, while taking his son to an air plane show, of course, he had all his staff with him.
  * More theories appear about how the syrian business man/terrorist was brought into the country. Did he walk, did Superman give him a ride or was he flown by an army plane which was in Syria to deliver some humanitary goods?
  * Mayor makes a parade in his city for his 20-years-younger-sweetheart's birthday. But that wasn't his only gift, he will fulfill her long desired fantasy: sex in 5!

Seeing all this, selling everything and going to live in the mountains with the monks sounds better and better.