Today, I switched to a static blog using and Dropbox. I thought it might be useful to share what I use to write articles on my new blog!

Sublime Text 2

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My editor of choice for everything except advanced programming is Sublime Text 2, so I am going to tell you what customizations I did for Markdown.

First, you should install the following packages (I got inspired from this article):

  1. [Package Control]( A package manager for Sublime;
  2. [MarkdownEditing]( A very good package for writing in [Markdown](;
  3. [Markdown Preview]( Use it to easily preview what you write (Ctrl+Shift+P and choose 'Markdown Preview: preview in browser');
  4. [WordCount]( It's nice to know how many words your article has.

Second, you might want to install (just save it in your Packages/User folder with the extension .sublime-snippet) this snippet to easily add the headers you need for, only Title is mandatory:

To use it, create a new .md file, write header and press Tab and the content of the snippet will be inserted. The Published: false option should be deleted when you are ready to publish your post, otherwise will just ignore it. You can find more details about these headers from your first post on or from my copy of it.

If you are wondering, this is how this article looks like in my Sublime Text 2 editor: