Let's face it: a typical geek is not known for his social skills, best manners or his exquisite taste in clothes. Of course, most of the geeks are not typical either, but again most of them would prefer to be buried in bad code than holding a presentation or buy clothes for a fancy party with a dress code.

Team Geek. A Software Developer's Guide to Working Well with Others|Brian W. Fitzpatrick, Ben Collins-Sussman|O'Reilly Media|Ebook: $19.99|Print: $24.99|http://shop.oreilly.com/product/0636920018025.do

Team Geek is a book about all the variables that interact in a team of ... (ahem!) geeks! It's written by geeks, for geeks who would like to be more than their work and it talks about how can they become more in different types of companies and working environments. Basically, it's about HeaRT (Humility, Respect and Trust), the pillars of the efficiency of a team.

While it would be perfect for all the geeks out there to just take care of their "science", social skills are sometimes even more important. If you want to get your idea out there or for someone to take it in consideration, you need to get people to listen to you, even to help you promote your idea.

The book is also useful for people who are acting as leaders of such a team (yes, leaders, not managers) and this role has a very important social component that managers(!) tend to neglect. A good leader can enable a team member to be more efficient and more satisfied, even just by applying more HRT.

Bottom line is, if you are a geek or you work with geeks, you should read this book, I'm pretty sure you'll find it useful.

I dropped below three mind maps I did for three chapters of the book. I find them helpful to capture the gist of those chapters for easy recollection.