We are creatures of habit. I’m sure you heard this expression before.

But it’s actually true. We need routines and habits to give structure to our life. Of course, there are a few rebels out there, who are decided to live every day in a different way, but I’m sure that even they have a routine in their craziness.

We build routines around things we HAVE to do (or feel uncomfortable about) and they start with small things that we LIKE to do, just to compensate. These small things start like habits and they slowly become part of the routine. Think about it! How often do you stop at that nice coffee shop (that place with coffee, not weed) on your way to work, or go to that special restaurant in your lunch break? I would understand if you would say everyday.

Now think how would you feel if for some reason that coffee shop is closed? End of the world! Well, not quite, but you’ll have a strange feeling all day. You lost your structure.

Anyway, just saying, all this started as an introduction to an exercise to write about one of my daily habits and ended as a 200 words procrastination exercise. Probably part of the routine.